In November 2016, “ZOMİN Cement and Lime” FC was re-established as an independent enterprise. The plant, built by the latest equipment and technology specialists in the field of production of equipment for the processing of non-metallic mineral resources.

Many years of experience in cement and lime production, investments in production development and new technologies, modern equipment, highly qualified personnel and high-quality raw materials of cement and limestone deposits allow us to manufacture products that meet the requirements of the most demanding consumer and comply with the requirements of regulatory documents.

The products have certificates of compliance, safety data sheets, a protocol for compliance with the standards of radiological safety, undergoes laboratory control during the manufacturing process.

Each batch of products is accompanied by a quality certificate, confirming compliance with contractual requirements. The enterprise delivers the products, satisfying the most diverse needs of production workers and individual consumers.



General Director

Managing the production and economic activities of the company. It is he who bears full responsibility for all decisions made, for the results of the enterprise and the safety of its property.


Chief Engineer

Technical manager of a manufacturing enterprise. The person holding this position is the deputy head of the enterprise and is responsible for the efficient, fruitful operation of the production process.


Production manager

Organizes technical preparation of production (construction) or other types of the main activities of the enterprise. Manages the current and long-term planning of the technical development of the enterprise, its production base.

Mehmet ARAT

Chief Mechanical Engineer

Organizes the development of plans (schedules) for inspections, tests and preventive maintenance of equipment in accordance with the provisions of the unified system of scheduled preventive maintenance, approves these plans and monitors their implementation, provides technical preparation for production.


Customs and Administrative Officer

Creation and execution of documents required for the import or export of goods, interaction with representatives of customs offices. And also a qualified specialist who carries out general management of the personnel of a company or organization, as well as controls the production process and disposes of the property of a company or enterprise.


Quality Control Manager

Audit and description of enterprise business processes; implementation and control of a quality management system; ensuring certification of the company's activities in accordance with international and domestic standards.


Chief Accountant

Carries out financial planning, maintains accounting records, timely submission of reliable financial statements, control over the execution of the cost estimates of the enterprise.